How We Work

Marketing and Business

  • Tell us what you need. We’ll show you why and how to build modern homes.
  • We will advise the selection of land. Caveat ! Think you have good ground for the passive house?
  • We will assist with the completion of documents on his land, because the quality of their land is the deciding home costs in connection with the networks of engineering and construction costs of the motherboard.
  • Already it has been found documents on your land?


  • Our architects and planners for settlement projects will make his home in the land, especially for regulatory verification.
  • Then, we will let see a 3D model of the house, so you know what you are buying.
  • Then, our main job is in the projection processing of documentation for building permits and documentation for building construction.
  • How much pay for our services?
  • Hormigónobtienen style houses most of our services for FREE!

Building Permits

  • How much are you willing to pay to not have to waste your time “discussing” with the authorities?
  • You pay us and just get building permits without waiting.

That sounds fair, does not it?

 Marbella construction Villa – Adelia 180 m2 – desde 252.000.- Euro
Marbella construction Villa – Acacia 250 m2 – desde  350.000.- Euro
Constructions Marbella Villa – Adeola  220 m2 – desde  308.000.- Euro
Constructions Marbella Villa – Adele 300m2 – desde 420.000.- Euro
Constructions Costa del Sol Villa – Adelaide- 500m2 – desde 700.000 .-  Euro
 Constructions luxury Marbella Villas Villa – Adiella – 110m2 desde 154.000.-  Euro

You will receive all statements, audit reports and tests. In passive house, the result of the so-called leak proof is important to you. It is proof of the tightness of the house, you can be part of the process.


  • Do you sometimes have to go to the toilet and perform maintenance on your car?
  • Why it’s worth going to the service each year?
  • What costs and risks will arise if the service does not go with your car?

With MHC houses it is very similar. With the book programming services MHC Homes, we are helping to keep the house in good condition and in many cases, preventing further damage that would cause major financial losses. Our experienced service workers will visit from 1-2 times per year and perform basic service and maintenance of your home. Thanks to this, parts warranty extend up to 30 years.


  • Mistakes can happen and occur in building materials, construction or due to neglected maintenance.
  • We treat complaints with grace and always solve every problem.
  • It is important to determine the cause of the complaint and choose reparaciónadecuada solution.
  • We are leveling innovation to all members of our complaints.