construccion moderna

On the other hand, is also often place where visitors are led by first. Therefore, the living room must be given a central role to reflect the overall style print throughout. With proper selection of furniture, this residential area can work miracles. The same effect is achieved by means of modern lamps or artwork on the walls. In most modern residential designs a clear use of color is proposed. Therefore, to make your living room a modern area and use colors to highlight, you must also ensure that the furniture will complement and support the general idea of the style of the house. With vibrant colors and artistic designs, the overall image of the living room is improved.

Efficient Homes – A view of climate change on the one hand, and the ever rising energy costs, on the other hand, is for  MHC Constructions   a natural obligation to introduce the customer to the topic and try to achieve a balanced or positive energy balance at the stage of planning the home of your dreams. Energy costs are calculable in a specific design and even after moving to the house because there is no cause holes in your household budget.

Solar thermal and photovoltaic systems, make possible to produce energy for heating and hot water itself. Then, when the outside of the available energy (eg in the form of electricity, gas, etc.) is lower than the “energy self-produced), speaking of the call plus energy house. The technical expertise of the architects of bansa constructions is a guarantee that we can work with all these components in your building project.

Energy efficient buildings have to create energy savings and resource savings by construction. It is both for new buildings and energy efficient renovation measures energy savings in inventory.

The following planning principles to be followed:

1. Optimize the thermal envelope
2. Select proven efficient heating and conditioning technology
3. Consider using renewable energy

Our experstos make career planning and implementation of technical and construction details of thermal  MHC Constructions without providing a result that in practice, as often happens drawbacks such as thermal bridges and air exchange defective occur, that can lead to condensation and moisture, such work is not performed by qualified specialists.

Want ustde a comfortable and healthy environment? Look ustde their environment and use as renewable or inexhaustible resource? Do you prefer a long-term payable heat and power? A yes three times, one of the core competencies  MHC Constructions  speaks for itself, no?